"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Have you tried printing on clothing before? It's a great way to upcycle an old t-shirt or to jazz up a new one. Clothes printing suits both adults and children, they are easy to print and look fantastic when done!

There are so many design possibilities when it comes to printing t-shirts.

(Left) We used masking tape on this white t-shirt to create a window to print within, when you remove the tape you're left with lovely clean edges and a printed window effect. 


(Right) It's not just t-shirts you can print, here is Anya's printed paisley denim shirt.


As long as you correctly heat set the fabric paint on the fabric, the paint will be totally permanent, wearable and washable. 

Step-by-step printing instructions

Step 1:

We suggest washing your t-shirt before printing, this will help the fabric absorb the paint. As the item has 2-sides you need to put a piece of paper or something similar inside whilst printing to stop any paint from transferring through. 

Step 2:

Take the printing slowly to avoid smudges. We printed a random all over design using a bee, leaf and flower.

Step 3.

Printing the sleeves can be tricky, take this part slow. Before moving to another part of a sleeve make sure all prints are totally dry.

Step 4.

Once you've finished allow the t-shirt to dry for at least 20 minuets, you can then turn it over and print the other side. Heat set your printed t-shirt for several minutes with a hot iron, on both sides of the fabric. Once heat set, the t-shirt will be permanent and washable.



Not just for Children

Here you can see Tess's t-shirt which she wears both for work and social using her favourite colours… blue! 

She used an extra large mandala block to create a statement print on the back of the shirt, and a border print running all the way around the front and back. 

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