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We are dedicated to helping you continue to create at home. Striving always to provide the very best projects, we are excited to create a community of printers. Sometimes motivation and inspiration can escape us, especially when we're at home, surrounded by housework and family.
The projects below are all designed to provide little nuggets of inspiration and get you being creative in your own space. With a range of learning styles, you can guarantee you'll find something just right to get the flow going.

how would you like to learn?

Learn from the comfort of your own home with our printing tutorials and tip videos.


Simple projects & new techniques to try out at your own pace at home. Think of them like little block print recipes, with all the ingredients you'll need listed.

how to layer block print designs

A look into layering. A creative way to print detailed, eye-catching designs is by the use of layering to create a 'scene'.... read more

cow parsley project

One of our favourite and most popular printing projects this cow parsley inspired block print design is easy to replicate... read more

easter printing

Use our easter and spring designs to hand print easter gift bags or a new tea towel for spring... read more

Spread the love, ideas for printing this Valentines... click here     

Our favourite blue creations to brighten blue monday. click here   

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