Angel Policy

The Indian Block Print Co. is a group of creatives that love to support our customers. As an independent business, we are happy to support the growth of other creative business that have chosen to use our products. The purpose of this Angel Policy is to provide clarity and guidance for customers using our products for commercial sale.


All products sold by the Indian Block Print Co. have been designed so that customers can enjoy what we love, the art of Indian wooden block printing. We are therefore happy for our products to be used personally and for creating gifts for friends and family.

The following information is regarding the use of The Indian Block Print Co. and BlockCraft products in items made for commercial sale and this policy applies to customers who wish to use our products/designs and plan to sell their crafts through online / offline marketplaces.

Our blocks have been designed by The Indian Block Print Co., commissioned artists and our Indian artisans. We ask that our designs are respected by the creative community and only used for their intended purposes.

With the protection of BlockCraft, The Indian Block Print Co. and the communities we support in mind, we put forward the following guidance, which should be adhered to if products are created for sale:


  • It is prohibited to copy or have copies made of BlockCraft or The Indian Block Print Co. products.

  • We ask that products made with The Indian Block Print Co. designs are not involved in mass production or in automated production.

  • Whilst we encourage the use of our products / designs for customers to produce items for sale, we ask that the designs remain as they were intended. Digital versions of the designs are prohibited.

  • Resale at non-profit organisations is permitted. This includes but is not limited to church/ fundraising events, school fetes and charity events.

  • Images and designs on / are for The Indian Block Print Co. use only. We ask that you do not take our images to be used elsewhere.

Any enquires, please get in touch in the first instance.