Our mission & values

Seek a good life for all

We are a good life business, which means we believe that everyone deserves a good, joyful life. We are dedicated to not just supporting but actively seeking joy for our community, our carvers & ourselves.

We treat our staff well and ensure everyone in our team has the opportunity to develop and reach for their dreams. This includes regular investment in personal development opportunities for our local team, business and infrastructure development opportunities for our carvers, and in human rights and mental health campaigns.

We also celebrate each other daily as a team, from little every day successes to big life achievements, and genuinely love working in such a warm, joyful and supportive space every day.

Honour the craft

Block printing is a craft dating back thousands of years. We don't believe in claiming to know everything there is to know about it. Rather we believe firmly in honouring, celebrating and learning directly from those who do - our carvers and print teachers in India. Through regular visits, family friendships and constant learning, we hope to act as a respectful conduit from those very craftspeople to our studio and your kitchen table, allowing anyone who wishes to find joy and confidence in creativity and craftsmanship.

Not only can we tell you in which workshop each block has been carved, we also credit and celebrate our block designers locally, and the beautiful creations you make in our studio sessions and workshops. If you have a printing project you'd like us to celebrate or an idea for a block design collaboration, please do let us know.

Art & creativity heals

We have all witnessed firsthand the power of art and creativity to heal, be that in our own lives or having the honour of seeing our customers' lives improve through craft. Our studio and team will always offer a safe space for all, whatever your background, mood or needs.

We are now beginning to work with charities to offer workshops and bespoke kits to marginalised communities who might benefit from creative activity for mental health.

If you work for a charitable organisation or social enterprise and would like to discuss a workshop, course or craft kit collaboration, we'd love to hear from you.

Tread lightly on the planet

Having a global supply chain, from India to Oxfordshire and beyond, we are acutely aware of leaving as light a footprint on the planet as possible.

We offset as much of our carbon as possible through regular tree planting projects.

We also believe in one-time purchases: you shouldn't have to replace your blocks. Ever. Our blocks are carved from Sheesham - a very hard and very fast growing tree - meaning not only does the wood used replace itself swiftly in its natural environment, the blocks themselves are designed to last a lifetime of making. You should only need to buy each block once. Look out for our quality kitemark ensuring your block has passed our quality approval checks, to be trusted and relied upon for a lifetime of making.


Space to create

Finally, we believe that anyone deserves the opportunity to create, whatever their level of skill or experience. In our studio, there is no question too silly, no beginner too new, no print too blotchy - as far as we're concerned, it's all making and it's all art. We believe wholeheartedly in holding a space for anyone and everyone to learn, whether or not you feel you're an 'arty' person or not.

Equally, if you create regularly, but are craving space to explore and grow creatively, we're here for you too, from advanced taught workshops to open printing sessions to work on your own projects in peace.

Whatever you need, we've got you, and the kettle is always on.

"My colleagues have become like family to me. I feel so lucky in so many ways."

- Anya, Office Manager