Indian Block Printing Kit - White Christmas Crackers


White Christmas Cracker- White

Hand print Crackers this year for your Christmas Table or make a set to give as a gift. These can be personalised inside and out, print in the designs and colours of your choice and fill with Hats, Jokes and any extra's such as Chocolates or small Gifts.

A great activity to do with Children, they are very easy to print! We suggest printing with Acrylic paint which we feel works best, but you could also use Fabric or Poster Paint.

Block Printing Kit includes:

You'll just need tape and string/ribbon to tie the crackers together with.

Head to our YouTube channel to watch our 'Christmas Cracker Block Printing Video'

Use your Christmas Printing Blocks to hand print your own Christmas Crackers! Brighten up your festive table, or make a set as a gift which you can personalise inside & out. The kit includes a White Card Cracker, Snappy Strip, Joke, Paper Hat and assembly instructions. You will need string or ribbon to tie your crackers with, along with Printing Blocks and Paint to decorate them with.

(Crackers, hats, jokes and snaps are fully recyclable.)

Watch our 'Christmas Cracker Printing Video' by clicking here.

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