Indian Block Printing Kit - Small Simple Flower

Additional Fabric Item

Indian Wooden Block Printing Kit- Small Simple Flower

This Block printing kit makes a fantastic present for someone, or keep for yourself and add to your collection of Indian Printing Blocks. This kit comes in plain natural cotton drawstring bag which is perfect for printing. 

Printing Kit Includes:

  • Small Simple Flower Printing Block (4.25 x 4.25 cm)
  • Red Fabric Paint
  • Sponge
  • Plain Natural Cotton Drawstring Bag 

You can also choose an additional  fabric item for your kit from the drop down menu. The kit comes packaged with instructions in a clear bio-degradable cellulose bag. The paint included in the set is a water based fabric paint, but can also be used on paper & card.

All of our Wooden Printing Blocks are hand carved in Jaipur, India from Sheesham wood, and can be used for printing onto all Fabrics, Paper, Card and Clay. To apply the paint onto the woodblock you use a flat sponge which is provided in the kit, it is important to use a padded surface underneath you when you Block Print, this can be a foam printing matt (available to purchase from £2.50) or an old towel/ newspaper. If printing onto Fabric the paint is required to be heat set once dry to ensure it is permanent and washable, this can be done by either ironing or tumble drying the fabric, we then recommend washing the fabric at 40 degrees or under to avoid the colour fading!

This kit includes a Printing Block, Fabric Paint, Sponge, a plain natural cotton drawstring bag to print on & Instructions. You can also select an additional blank item to be added to the kit from the drop-down menu. 

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