Block Printing Set - Lines & Stripes


Indian Wooden Block Printing Set- Lines & Stripes

Solid Line (11.5 x 2cm)/ Lined Square (7.5 x 7.5cm)/ Thin Solid Lines (11.5 x 4cm)/ Triple Lined Border (11.5 x 4cm)

All of our Indian wooden printing blocks are hand carved in Jaipur India, using a sustainable wood called Sheesham. Once the design has been traced and carved onto the wood it is left to soak in mustard oil for several days- this preserves the wood and makes it non-absorbent.

All of our wooden printing blocks can be used to hand print your own Fabric, Paper, Card & Clay! When printing fabric it’s important to use a fabric paint, or medium so the design is totally washable, but when printing onto paper and card you can use a wide variety of paints and inks. We do find that Ink pads can sometimes not be wet enough to use with the wooden blocks so we advise that paint works better. You apply your paint, ink or dye using a sponge. It’s very important to use a foam printing matt or something soft underneath the item you are printing on to ensure you get a good print!

If you haven’t already please watch our video tutorial on ‘How to use Indian Wooden Printing Blocks

To clean your blocks in-between colours just wipe with a dry rag, and once finished printing wash your wooden block under the tap with warm water, scrub all the paint out of the design using a nail brush and then dry well.

Indian Wooden Printing Block set, hand carved by artisans in Jaipur. Part of our Jaipur Collection this selection of Lines & Stripe designs can be printed continuously to create a border/ edging pattern, perfect to hand print Fabric, Paper and Clay with! Join the wonderful and creative world of Block Craft!

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