Easy Carve Sheets

Product Quantity

Available as Singles or in a pack of 5!

2 Sizes Available : Large 20 cm x 15 cm

                           : Small 15 cm x 10cm

Easy Carve is a dark grey soft carving material and a brilliant alternative to lino for new and old print makers alike.

Easy to mark with either white or graphite pencil, the smooth surface allows for easy cutting with little pressure.

Fine details are therefore much easier to accomplish when compared to a traditional lino. These blocks have good rigidity with almost no stretch when carving and little crumbling of the block. If you are looking for something to carve that gives you the feel of lino without the pressure and hand strength to do it, this is a perfect choice!

To make this product easier to use whilst cutting, be sure to check out the Hand Guard and Bench Hook for a safer printmaking experience.


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