Fabric Paint Set - Dusky Colours

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Fabric Paint Set - Dusky Colours

Complete range of 10 Dusky Fabric Paints.

Colours included are:

Slate/ Grey/ Dusky/ Violet/ Latte/ Khaki/ Cargo/ Ocean/ Indigo/ Indian Aqua

This Fabric Paint set is available in 50ml pots , 100ml pots or 500ml bottles

Set of paints comes with 10 sponges.

Fabric Paint suitable for printing, painting, sponging and stencilling with. To be used on light fabrics only, not suitable for printing on darker coloured fabrics.

This paint can be used on fabric & paper. It can be made permanent and washable by heat setting. To heat set, iron directly onto the printed side of fabric for 5 minutes (dry or steam iron) ensuring each print gets too hot to touch. It is then washable at 40 degrees or under.

Please be aware some fabrics need to be washed before applying paint. All our fabric blanks are ready to go but some fabrics may have been treated and not been washed before selling. If in doubt, just pop in the washing machine and let it fully dry before using our Block Craft Fabric Paint,

Paint is Water-based, non toxic.

Use a square piece of sponge or a dabber to apply your paint and a foam printing mat (or something soft) underneath the item you are printing on this will ensure you get a good print!

If you haven’t already please watch our video tutorial on : ‘How to use Indian Wooden Printing Blocks’

Essentials Printing Kit : Check out our essentials kit that gives you everything you need to get a good print!

Set of 10 pots of Block Craft Fabric Paints from our Dusky paint range, these paints can be used on all types of fabrics! Most suitable for light fabrics. Paint can also be used on Paper & Card.

This Fabric Paint set is available in 50ml pots , 100ml pots or 500ml bottles

Our Fabric Paint requires heat setting to fix paint and make permanent and washable, you can do this by ironing the printed fabric (dry iron as hot as the fabric can handle) .Once set you can wash fabric at 40 degrees or under.

This set includes the complete range of 10 colours, please scroll down for more product information & images...

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