Pre Recorded Block Printing Workshop For Children


Half Term Block Printing Workshop- Pre Recorded Workshop Video

Workshop Duration 1 Hour, Video sent to you on Tuesday 16th Feb. 1 booking per household

Join Tess this half term and learn the joys of block printing at home, a fun activity that all the family can get involved with!

This is a Pre Recorded workshop video that you can watch in your own time when it suits you, with the ability to pause and replay any parts you might need more time on!

The workshop will first start with all the basic's of Printing, working on simple easy techniques ensuring you get perfect prints, once confident we will move onto printing a Fabric item! During the workshop Tess will be showing you how to print a Tote Bag, but everything she teaches is transferable to other items, so you can choose what Fabric item you print at home!

The Workshop video will be sent to you on Wednesday 17th Feb and it will be yours to keep for 1 year! Any materials you purchase to use on the workshop will be dispatched to arrive in time!

Equipment & Materials that we suggest having for the workshop:

  • Essential Printing Equipment -Foam Printing Mat, Paint Tray, Sponges or Sponge Dabbers (or equivalent Yoga/ Camping Mat- you need a soft surface to print onto!)
  • Paint: We suggest fabric paint so that your printed Fabric is washable! Your choice of colours!
  • Indian Printing Blocks: A selection of Printing Blocks, your choice of designs, a mix of large and small is good!
  • Scrap Fabric for practicing (old bed sheets ripped up works great!
  • Fabric to Print- We suggest a Tote Bag, Cushion Cover, Tea Towel or Pillowcase!

Once you have booked your workshop space, we will send you a full list of the materials and table set up so you can get prepared!

Join Tess for a pre recorded Printing Workshop to keep you and your Children busy during Half Term and create your own hand printed items! This pre-recorded workshop will be sent to you via a video link, which you can watch in your own time with the option to pause and play so your not rushing!

This workshop will walk you though the basics of Printing, giving you time to practice getting the perfect prints- teaching you all the basic techniques. We will then move onto printing your Fabric item, we will be printing a Tote Bag during the workshop but you can choose what you print!

All the equipment you need is listed in the description below, if you purchase any materials we will ensure these are with you for the Workshop date! If you don't already have any printing materials a Printing Kit is the perfect place to start, we would recommend a 'Complete Printing Kit' that also includes all the equipment needed.. Click here to see our range of Kits

A fun, creative activity the whole family can get involved with! 1 booking required per household

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