Mixed Designs - Hire Kit

Fabric Items To Print?

Would you like to run your own Indian Block Printing Workshop from the comfort of your own home? We have available to hire a fantastic Block Printing Workshop Hire Kit available in 3 sizes, you'll receive all the printing equipment you will need to host your own Block Printing Workshop (Extra equipment can be added for additional guests). The kit can be used with a group of friends or family, a birthday party, craft club or WI. Our Hire Kits mean you can borrow all the equipment and a wide range of designs and colours to play with, without the cost of having to buy it all!

This kit is our Mixed Designs hire kit option, the designs included will be similar/ same to the ones shown in the photograph. We cannot guarantee certain designs but we can try to accommodate any requests.

Your Block Printing Workshop Hire Kit Will Include:

  • Selection of mixed designs printing blocks

  • Printing Equipment (1 x Foam Mat & Cleaning Rag per person)

  • Paint Tray (1 between 2)

  • A piece of practice fabric per person (around a4 size)

  • Fabric Paint (Number of colours depends on your Hire Kit size, we send 500ml bottles of paint which you are allowed to use up to 1/4 of the amount, if additional paint is used you will be charged)

  • Sponges for paint application

  • Instruction leaflets & Video Tutorial

  • Samples of Printed Fabric to help show the group what you can make

*The entire contents of the Hire Kit is required to be returned to us other that the Practice Fabric & Leaflets which you are able to keep*

With your workshop kit you will also be sent a copy of our 'How To Block Print Video Tutorial' for your group to watch, this will show you all the basics of Block Printing.

Kits Available:

Workshop Kit For 5 People: Contains 40 Printing Blocks & 3 Fabric Paint Colours

Workshop Kit For 10 People: Contains 60 Printing Blocks & 4 Fabric Paint Colours

Workshop Kit For 15 People: Contains 75 Printing Blocks & 5 Fabric Paint Colours

(Please note the Printing Blocks included in your kit may vary from the photograph depending on stock, we cannot guarantee certain designs)

What We Suggest Printing Onto During Your Workshop...

You will need to purchase your own Fabrics / Stationery items to print onto. The Hire Kit does not include material to print onto other than practice fabric. We would suggest printing onto Tea Towels, Tote Bags, Cards, Tags or Cushion Covers. You can also ask your group what they would like to print onto and purchase the blank fabric or paper items alongside your Hire Kit.

More Important Details...

You may want a larger selection of colours for your Block Printing Workshop, additional fabric paint colours can be hired for £4.00 each. The equipment & paint included in the hire kit are for 1 time use, if you would like to use the Workshop kit for additional printing session please let us know and we can ensure we send you the correct amount of paint/ materials.

Our Workshop Hire Kits all require a £100 deposit on top of the price of the kit. This amount is added at checkout along with £30.00 delivery and collection cost. After booking we will contact you to discuss all the details, including delivery and collection of the hire kit. Once the kit has been returned the deposit will be immediately refunded.

Delivery & Collection

Delivery and collection of your Workshop Hire Kit is £30.00 on top of the cost for the kit. This will be charged at checkout. We expect you to have the kit for about a week in total, we arrange delivery several days in advance of your workshop date in case there are any issues with the delivery of the parcel, it's a large box and a signature is required. After your workshop we then allow a few days for you to pack away the kit and wash the used equipment and would suggest picking up the kit 2-3 days after your workshop. We use the courier DHL to deliver and collect your parcel, you just have to tape the box back up and the courier will provide all the shipping labels.


*If you would rather talk to us in regards to a Hire Kit please call on 01869 349020 to enquire or make a booking. We suggest booking a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to your workshop date, but if you require one more urgently please give us a call *

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