Organic Cotton Adult Apron


White Organic Cotton Adult's Apron with front pocket, beautiful quality-

100% Organic Cotton hand woven by a cooperative of ladies in Kerala, India (299gsm)

Size: 36 Inch Drop x 28 Inch Wide, Large Front Pocket

Perfect for Painting or Printing onto,

These are not mill made fabrics so you may get occasional small imperfections.

It's important when printing fabric to use a fabric paint/ medium so the design is totally washable. When printing onto paper and card you can use a wide variety of paints/inks. Ink pads aren't always wet enough to use with the printing blocks so we advise using paint. Use a square piece of sponge or a dabber to apply your paint/dye/medium and a foam printing mat (or something soft) underneath the item you are printing on this will ensure you get a good print!

If you haven’t already please watch our video tutorial on : ‘How to use Indian Wooden Printing Blocks’

Essentials Printing Kit : Check out our essentials kit that gives you everything you need to get a good print!

100% Organic Cotton Hand Woven Adult Apron with front pocket

Hand print with a Textile/ Fabric paint to ensure fabric is washable.

*Item does not require washing before printing, a small shrinkage may occur on initial wash*

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