Organic Cotton Weave Drawstring Bags

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Organic Cotton Weave Drawstring Bag, available in a choice of 3 sizes.

Beautiful quality, hand woven and sewn by a women's cooperative in Kerala, India.

100% Organic Cotton


-Small Drawstring (24 x 28cm)

-Medium Drawstring (30 x 44cm)

-Extra Large Drawstring (54 x 81cm)

It's important when printing fabric to use a fabric paint/ medium so the design is totally washable. When printing onto paper and card you can use a wide variety of paints/inks. Ink pads aren't always wet enough to use with the printing blocks so we advise using paint. Use a square piece of sponge or a dabber to apply your paint/dye/medium and a foam printing mat (or something soft) underneath the item you are printing on this will ensure you get a good print!

If you haven’t already please watch our video tutorial on : ‘How to use Indian Wooden Printing Blocks’

Essentials Printing Kit : Check out our essentials kit that gives you everything you need to get a good print!


Organic Cotton Weave Drawstring Bags

Available in 3 sizes:

-Small Drawstring (24 x 28cm)

-Medium Drawstring (30 x 44cm)

-Large Drawstring (54 x 81cm)

*Item does not require washing before printing, a small shrinkage may occur on initial wash*

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